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CBRF for sale

For Sale: 16 Bed Community Based Residential Facility

      Senior Care Realty is confidentially offering for sale a 16 bed community based residential facility located in a city in southern Wisconsin. Because this is another confidential sale, limited information is available on our website for now.  But you can learn more if you complete our confidentiality agreement by clicking the link below. Highlights include: The facility … [Read More...]

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Senior Care Realty specializes in CONFIDENTIAL sales of assisted living facilities. We use 25+ years of experience in assisted living to help guide you through your sale. Turn to Senior Care Realty for answers.

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What’s The Price Per Unit? Good Question.

There are several approaches to value, as we’ve written about in the past. One approach that can be dangerous is simply multiplying the number of units times the price per unit that you saw for another property.  The price per bed or unit won’t determine the … [Read More...]

how long does it take to sell your assisted living facility

How Long Does it Take to Sell My Assisted Living Facility?

The most frequent question we receive at Senior Care Realty is what's my property worth?  The next most frequent has to be how long does it take to sell? Let's face it. Selling an assisted living facility or any kind of property or business can be a lot of … [Read More...]


What’s the Value of Your Assisted Living Facility

If you are like many assisted living owners, there will come a time to sell the business. Perhaps you are ready to retire, or it may be time to move on to another type of business venture. Whatever the case, when it comes to selling your facility, you want … [Read More...]

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