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For Sale: Northeast Wisconsin Assisted Living Portfolio

  Senior Care Realty is offering for sale another assisted living portfolio confidentially on behalf of the owner. This assisted living portfolio includes multiple buildings on a single site.  Located in a larger market in northeast Wisconsin, the facilities have a total capacity of about 50 residents and was recently at 96% of capacity. Potential buyers will be interested in the opportunity to acquire … [Read More...]

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For Sale: K Care Assisted Living – Minocqua, Wisconsin

        K Care Assisted Living is a portfolio of six assisted living facilities with a total capacity of 82 beds located at three sites in Wisconsin’s “Northwoods” near Minocqua.   Bank Owned Property This portfolio was operated by a family business for years and offered for sale some time ago but it is now being offered by a lender in control of the … [Read More...]

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For Sale: 22 Unit Assisted Living Facility in Twin Cities Area

  This assisted living facility is located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.  It is comprised of 4 adjacent buildings with a total capacity for 22 residents.  It's census was recently 21, or 95% of capacity. The facility generally serves an older adult population, in a private homelike experience. Potential buyers will be interested in the opportunity to acquire a property that is performing well … [Read More...]

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For Sale: 22 Bed Assisted Living Facility in Wisconsin

  Senior Care Realty is working with the owner of a 22 bed community based residential facility in Wisconsin.  It's a confidential listing, so we can't share its location - for now.  But we can tell you a few things to help find if it's a match for you.   A Work in Progress   The facility has gone through a management transition over the past year, with the owner taking a more active role in … [Read More...]

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For Sale: 31 Unit Assisted Living Facility in Wisconsin

  Senior Care Realty is confidentially offering for sale a 31 unit assisted living facility located in Wisconsin.   This sale, like most of them, is confidential.  You will only find limited information here on our website.  But you can learn more if you complete our confidentiality agreement by clicking the link below.   Here's what we can tell you this about the property for … [Read More...]

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Senior Care Realty specializes in CONFIDENTIAL sales of assisted living facilities. We use 25+ years of experience in assisted living to help guide you through your sale. Turn to Senior Care Realty for answers.

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What’s The Price Per Unit? Good Question.

There are several approaches to value, as we’ve written about in the past. One approach that can be dangerous is simply multiplying the number of units times the price per unit that you saw for another property.  The price per bed or unit won’t determine the … [Read More...]


It’s Going To Be OK: 4 Tips To Beat Anxiety When Selling Your Business

  Selling your assisted living facility can be overwhelming. In fact, it's almost always feels overwhelming at some point in the process.     It’s not that way for me anymore. I’ve been through small and large sales a hundred or … [Read More...]


10+ Questions a Letter of Intent Should Answer

When a buyer has found an assisted living facility (or other business) that they want to purchase, one of the first steps in negotiating a deal is the letter of intent. According to one definition, a letter of intent is a document outlining the … [Read More...]

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