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For Sale: 8 Bed Community Based Residential Facility

Senior Care Realty is confidentially offering for sale a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) located in Wisconsin .  The owner has asked that the name and location not be disclosed, except to qualified buyers who agree below to Senior Care Realty's confidentiality agreement.     A CBRF for Residents With Developmental or Physical Disabilities   The owners have been … [Read More...]


For Sale: 86 Bed Assisted Living Facility Portfolio

  Senior Care Realty is confidentially offering for sale a portfolio of Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRF) located in multiple Wisconsin communities.  These assisted living facilities serve older adults and those with memory care needs.  With multiple buildings at most of the sites, these facilities offer operators flexibility in their service offerings now and in the future. The portfolio is … [Read More...]

For Sale: 15 Bed CBRF in South Central Wisconsin

Senior Care Realty is confidentially offering for sale a 15 bed Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) located in South Central Wisconsin.  There are many reasons that buyers will love this property. Four Reasons to Love This Property   Stable Family Business.  This facility is a family business.  It's had special attention from the owner and it shows.  The facility has maintained a good occupancy … [Read More...]

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Senior Care Realty specializes in CONFIDENTIAL sales of assisted living facilities. We use 25+ years of experience in assisted living to help guide you through your sale. Turn to Senior Care Realty for answers.

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What’s The Price Per Unit? Good Question.

There are several approaches to value, as we’ve written about in the past. One approach that can be dangerous is simply multiplying the number of units times the price per unit that you saw for another property.  The price per bed or unit won’t determine the … [Read More...]


It’s Going To Be OK: 4 Tips To Beat Anxiety When Selling Your Business

  Selling your assisted living facility can be overwhelming. In fact, it's almost always feels overwhelming at some point in the process.     It’s not that way for me anymore. I’ve been through small and large sales a hundred or … [Read More...]


10+ Questions a Letter of Intent Should Answer

When a buyer has found an assisted living facility (or other business) that they want to purchase, one of the first steps in negotiating a deal is the letter of intent. According to one definition, a letter of intent is a document outlining the … [Read More...]

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